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Tavros Horn Tutorial }:)

Hello all.  I’ve been cosplaying Tavros for a long time and thought I’d share how I make his horns.  These can be used for any Nitram or Tavrisprite (the horns in the tutorial are for Tavrisprite but the basic concept is the same)

What you’ll need:

  • tinfoil
  • white model magic
  • sandpaper/sander
  • paint
  • semi-sturdy wire
  • bobby pins
  • hot glue
  • your wig and maybe a wig head

Using tinfoil, make your bases for the horns.  Mine are about 8 inches long and maybe 2inches in diameter, tapering at the tips.  Fold your tinfoil gently and don’t press it down too much.  The whole reason you use tinfoil is to cut down on the weight of the model magic on your head so you want the tinfoil to be rather… fluffy?

Cut a long piece, fold it gently, and shape it how you’d like.  For another layer on the horns wrap the tinfoil around the previous shape.

There are several common shapes for the horns.  I prefer a slight indent on the bottom like below, but do how you like.  Try to make the horns the same weight and shape.

When you’re done shaping, put one complete thin layer of tinfoil over it all.

Now take your wire and shape it like a headband.  Bend the extra on the ends up the diameter of the horn base.

When this is measured, unbend this and stick it through the tinfoil, being careful not to crush it as much as you can, and twist it back together on the top.

Now cover the horns with model magic (cover the wire in back), wait for them to dry completely, sand, fill in the cracks (I used spackel), sand again, repeat until desired, hot glue the place where you attached the wire for stability, and paint ‘em.

Now take your headband wire and measure it with your head with the wig on.  It should fit comfortably and not be loose.  Bend the wire over if needed.  Paint this the color of your wig.

Looking good!

Next take your bobby pins and hot glue.  Bend your bobby pins very slightly.

Glue three bobby pins on each side of the horns.  Make sure they are secure.


ARE THEY SECURE?  YES?  Open them and make sure no glue is in between the pin.

Slip the bobby pins between the wig wefts on the sides of your wig.

Pull the hair underneath the wire out and refluff the mohawk.

There!  Your Tavros horns will now stay on your head without a large headband pushing down your awesome mohawk!

I hope this was useful!

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